The day you became a healthy person

dR. Nisha Chellam
2 min readJan 19, 2021


“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” Voltaire

COVID-19 opened a can of worms.

Everyone became an expert.

Suddenly you realized most experts in the field were also learning with you.

The only problem was you knew everything before they could tell you. In most cases you did not trust them.

So COVID-19 is not only a new disease, it was a global problem and it was a social problem. It united the world. It also divided the world.

A few years from now it would become a distant memory.

The hospitals were crowded with COVID-19 patients. What happened to the other diseases?

At one time the hospitals were asking people to come into the hospital, because they were empty. Doctors had their salaries cut.

So why did this happen?

You got better.

You stopped eating outside.

You stopped going to the bars.

You stopped ‘cussing in traffic because there was none.

You found time with family.

You found time to enjoy nature.

You realized you did not need all those clothes.

You realized what brought you agony

You realized what was real joy.

You realized hospitals and doctors were for emergencies and not for that pesky migraine headaches or allergies.

So the day you realize you are your best doctor, your habits are your medication or your poison, is the day you become healthy.

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dR. Nisha Chellam

A traditional physician who practices functional medicine disrupting the disease and wellness space. She is a mother and has great passion for teaching.